Three Wall Street stocks rose more than 50% in May


Three Wall Street stocks rose more than 50% in May

The technological Twilio, the best value on Wall Street during the past month of May.

Little by little, the stock markets around the world are recovering normality after the shock that the Covid-19 coronavirus caused in mid-March. Last May, Wall Street recovered an average of 5.3% with just over 70% of the Russell 1,000, which includes the 1,000 largest US companies by market capitalization, registering increases.

According to the analysis carried out by Bespoke Investment, three companies registered revaluations greater than 50% in the Russell 1000.

The best of all stocks was Twilio, which went from closing April at a price of $ 112.3 to reaching $ 200 per share with a cumulative rise of 73%. So far this year, the technology has practically doubled, although it is still less known than other companies in the sector. Twilio is a cloud communications platform that enables voice, video, or messaging capabilities. When you receive a message from Uber that warns you that your vehicle is on the way, it is very likely that you are using its software.

Arconic, a supplier to the automotive and aerospace industry, and another 2U technology company, also stood out.