The coronavirus will not lessen the fight between China and the US to control the world


The coronavirus will not lessen the fight between China and the US to control the world

Despite the fact that control over the coronavirus is closing, whose pandemic is going to mark new economic, social and political scenarios at the global level, China and the United States continue in their particular fight with a Donald Trump that there is not a day that does not increase their attacks on Beijing with dire consequences for global stability and this will be the case until at least November 2020, when the US presidential elections are held.
The tension caused by Donald Trump’s twitter against China and then the responses of the Asian giant prevent the consolidation of the markets, which are trying to stabilize, but if we add the rise in the price of oil, which this week went above 30 dollars As some European countries, such as Germany, are emerging from the current serious economic crisis, the post-coronavirus reconstruction phase, although slow, will always be positive for Europe and above all for the Germans to start walking without obstacles.

The same is happening in other countries that are reopening such as Japan, New Zealand, Australia and partially the United States, but something positive has to come out of the reconstruction program, given that the world cannot be as it is from the economic point of view. But of course this reconstruction program is slow and its change in speed will depend on many variables, but also on the unpredictable attitude of Trump, which will be a major protagonist as it is an election year.

Unfortunately, both reconstruction and trade will be subject to Trump’s twitter, but living a short period, the essential for an economic improvement, without complications will not be easy, especially when the flow of news with an unpredictable market and with Chinese and the United States in their commercial fight with well-defined objectives in their geostrategic relations prevent a first phase of consolidation for the sake of greater economic stability after the world catastrophe with the coronavirus.

Precisely the possible vaccine by the end of the year would inject the world economy with an essential part of the adrenaline it needs, and China, which no longer registers new confirmed cases of coronavirus, has presented a pandemic vaccine that seems safe and generates antibodies, although The United States is also in the scientific race to get the vaccine against the virus, which shows the struggle of both countries on this issue that splashes everything else, but Trump who wants the country to work knows that the almost 100,000 dead and the more than 1.6 million people infected give wings to Beijing to accuse Washington of its ineffectiveness due to many accusations by the White House against the Asian giant.

China still lacks time to replace the US as a world leader but if it is evident that its progress is constant, and like it or not, Beijing does not give up on its work to achieve it, and despite maintaining the veto to the Chinese technological multinational of Huawei For another year, whose damage is considerable, the Asian giant has experienced in recent decades a tremendous economic and technological development that has positioned it as the second largest economy in the world and is on its way to being the first in the future.

The multinational telecommunications company Huawei considers the US decision to restrict the Chinese company’s business with the imposition of new restrictions “very pernicious”, with the aim of limiting the company’s ability to use US technology and software in manufacturing and design. of its semiconductors abroad, but trade and similar confrontations are going to be constant throughout 2020 with negative repercussions for the global economy.

The Chinese accuse the United States of “taking advantage of its technological strength to crush companies outside its borders,” says the multinational, and at the same time in this trade war, it warns that Washington’s decision “will only serve to undermine the confidence that the International companies deposit in US technology and supply chains, thereby also damaging the interests of the United States itself. ”

In this sense, the Chinese company has warned that the decision of the United States not only affects Huawei, but will have a serious impact on a large number of global industries, which, in the long run, will damage trust and collaboration within from the global semiconductor industry on which many industries depend, increasing losses within these sectors.

And of course, it develops its own strategy, where the market economy has been its special model in a China with a communist regime that still exercises control over the country’s economic policies but that favors its large investments abroad to achieve allies and With the New Silk Road they strengthen international conditions to be the world’s leading power, in addition to the fact that going in favor of globalization and against Trump’s protectionism facilitate followers within the European Union (EU).

On more than one occasion, the People’s Bank of China has warned the United States that its latest actions will not only contribute to seriously undermining the international financial order, but will also unleash turmoil in the financial market, greatly hindering international trade and the global economic recovery ”, but Trump is in the electoral campaign and so on until next November, but especially when he sees that a part of his republican electorate is questioning his measures against the coronavirus.

The risks of a derailment of the world economy are total as a result of the coronavirus, therefore the financial markets need calm and the intensification of the confrontations between both countries does not solve anything, let alone the attacks that Trump makes against China by insisting that the pandemic could have stopped it. and they did not, an argument that we have been hearing for a few weeks and that we will hear again.

What China and the US have to do is commit to fulfilling what they signed on January 15, there was still no coronavirus, to carry out the first phase of the trade agreement, but Trump’s threats that if “the Asian giant does not buys the promised volume of US products, the first phase of the agreement would not be fulfilled, although both parties want to strengthen macroeconomic cooperation and create favorable conditions to promote positive results, but with the coronavirus, the daily attacks of the US president and the constant swings from the tenant of the White House everything will be quite complicated.

Donald Trump does not want to see it, but since he came to the US Presidency, almost four years ago, China has been taking up more space around the world, and even his contributions to international organizations have served to achieve a role that the disastrous one Trump’s foreign policy favors him, in addition to other economic resources, to other countries.

China wants to unseat the US, it will not stop, but the Asian giant will still face the United States in matters that make Beijing uncomfortable, including the challenges of Taiwan, the disputes of the South China Sea or the crisis for months in Hong Kong after promoting a “security law” and of course a denuclearization of North Korea, which the international community would see very positive.

Ultimately, perhaps more globalization, more communication and less isolationism and protectionist barriers are needed. Donald Trump is somewhat nervous, and perhaps the coronavirus could prevent him from being re-elected on November 3, since his disastrous policy against the pandemic will not be easily forgotten by the Americans, but yes, the trade war against China will intensify it more and more Trump to win over his voters who are “disoriented”.