Germany will withdraw the warning not to travel to Europe, except for Spain and Norway


Germany will withdraw the warning not to travel to Europe, except for Spain and Norway

The German Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, announced on Wednesday that Germany will raise the recommendation on the 15th of not to travel abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, although it will still maintain it for Spain and Norway.

“Spain and Norway are expected to allow tourists to enter somewhat later, and once they make the decision, we will apply it immediately,” the minister said of the German decision on Wednesday.

He recalled that in the case of Spain, his Parliament plans to debate today on an extension of the restriction on entry to the country until the next day 21. Once lifted, the same decision made for the rest of the countries will apply to Spain, he stressed.

In this way, this global warning not to travel, in force since mid-March, will be lifted in the middle of this month for 25 of the 26 partners of the European Union (EU), as well as three of the four associated with the Schegen area -, in this case Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein-, in addition to the United Kingdom.

The warnings not to travel will be replaced by specific information on the situation in each country or region and will be updated “daily,” he said.

He noted that the decision has been made after “intensive consultations with European partners” and based on the “positive evolution” observed in terms of containing the pandemic.

He specified, however, that if the warnings against travel “are not prohibitions”, neither the indications that will be made now about each country should be understood as an “invitation” to travel.

“We must jointly prevent the revival of tourism from leading to a second wave” of infections, he added, and recalled that there is no need to rely on “false security”, because the pandemic is still there.

On the other hand, he expressed the hope of not having to reintroduce restrictive measures, although he pointed out that if more than fifty new infections are registered for every 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, it will be necessary to react and possibly re-issue a warning regarding to the affected region or country.

He also warned that this summer his ministry will not organize a repatriation of tourists stranded abroad.

Regarding countries that do not belong to the EU or are not associated with the Schengen area, Maas said that Germany will wait to know the decision that the European Commission (EC) must take this week.